Our next destination was Nagqu, our final stop before we left Tibet and re entered China. For most of the way, we were the only ones and there wasn’t a single car in the road.

The inclines were so subtle that we could barely feel it. The car seemed to feel it just fine though, and as dad predicted, the pajero experienced some engine overheating. Luckily for us, the engine decided to overheat right next to a bubbling Brook which served as a nice background for quick photoshoot! It made for some really nice pictures.

Table top plateaus were a welcome change from from the mountains. Finally, some flat land that extended for miles with the mountain ranges bordering it in the distance. One could hardly believe we were at 15,000 feet.

On the way, i noticed solar and wind powered street lights in the most remote villages. China is no doubt miles ahead of India in terms of infrastructure.

We were driving uphill but it felt like we were going downhill. The experience is quite akin to that of the magnetic road in Ladakh. Nature is so fascinating.

In the middle of nowhere we stopped for a bite. We’d been searching for a place to eat for a while but in vain. We were told that we could get hot water and tea. At that point, we were ready to take whatever we can. We entered the warm common area and it started with tea, followed by biscuits and laster by dry fruit. One by one, the ady opened out her kitchen to us offering everything she had to eat to total strangers. It was 7:00 PM and our last mealwas breakfast at 7:00am. We were starving and extremely lucky. A quick fix aloo jeera and we were on our way, forever grateful to the angelic Tibetan lady who opened out her heart and her home to a bunch of hungry adventurers. We still had another four hours to go till Nagqu but with our tummies full, we were good to go for a lo
ng time.