The original plan was to head towards Jharkhand but as we consulted our route plan, my brother pointed out that taking the route via Kolkata would be a much better and so, Kolkata, it was!

I’ve always been cynical when it came to my views about people in general. Today, those views were challenged and I began to realise the true value of human relationships.

On the highway just outside Kolkata, a man on a bike signalled for us to pull over. I was extremely sceptical and a million possible scenarios ran through my head (most of them unpleasant)

What actually happened, was that a total stranger saw us, stopped what he was doing, gave us his card and offered to help us in any way he could, should we require assistance. Did he ask for anything in return? Nope. Was he benefitting in any way? Nah uh. And just like that, my faith in humanity was restored. Momentarily, at least.

My entire life is an example of how everything that happens, happens for the best. No matter how much we plan and try to prepare ourselves, life has a funny way of throwing curve balls our way. We never intended on coming to Kolkata. We decided on rerouting in the last minute. We hadn’t planned on enjoying the wonderful hospitality that the ITC Sonar had to offer. But it happened. It was supposed to.

Once we checked in and were shown to our rooms, the duty manager at the ITC came to talk to us about a friend who might require a kidney transplant. We discussed doctors and donors and I’d like to think that it eased his worried mind a little. Of all the people of all hotels in all the world on this very day…what are the odds?

Life has a funny way of bringing people together at the right place at the right time. Even if it might not always seem like it, the universe has our back.