After five days of a continuous driving schedule we decided that it was high time for a break. Our destination? Shillong, Scotland of the East! (We never really did mention which Scotland we were going to, did we?)

We started off the day by giving our beasts of burden a little TLC. The cars underwent wheel alignment and after thorough pressure wash, they came out looking shiny and new.

The drive to Shillong took two hours from Guwahati. We stopped at the breath taking Umium lake for a quick photo session. As we navigated the narrow hilly roads, the cool a
ir was a refreshing change from the oppressive heat down below.

The capital city of Meghalaya is a big city with a small town feel. We reached at around 4:30 which gave us about an hour’s worth of day light left before the sun retired for the evening.

After drinking the best cup of Ginger tea I’ve ever had, we set out to paint the town red. Okay not really. But we did have a set agenda. Eat Street food. And eat Street food, we did. Three varieties of momos, chow with chilli and chana-pea masala after which we treated ourselves to a meal at Deja Vu where we ended our culinary exploration with yummy blueberry cheesecake. From fish stalls and farmers markets to trendy boutiques and quaint café’s, Shillong has it all.