It was the first day of travel. Was a nervous? No/ Scared? Not even a little. What I was, however, was anxious; anxious to know what was in store for the next two months. Besides this, all I felt was curious indifference. I don’t think the reality of this journey had sunk in yet. After all, an eight hour road trip was nothing unfamiliar to me.

I had fallen asleep after a few hours of staring at the country side only to be woken up in time for lunch. Thanks to our buddy google we were able to locate an eatery just off the highway. It was a traditional dhaba in Andhra Pradesh. The walls were bathed in vibrant colours with murals pn the walls. What a sight for sore eyes! The food was simple but extremely mouth-watering. Masala roasted cashews, homestyle tadka dal and paneer butter masala…just a quick sample of the first meal we devoured on the road.

While I was busy clicking pictures, daddy was conversing with a local. After learning we were from Bangalore, he asked us what we were doing so far away from home. If only he knew, we’ve still got miles to go….

Our first sunset on the road was breathtaking! Dark silhouettes of temples and trees stood in contrast to the backdrop of a fiery sky. The picture can’t do justice. Truly.

We reached our destination post nightfall and despite doing nothing but sitting in the car all day, I was exhausted. Imagine how the driver’s felt. Our accommodation for the night was in a motel near the railway station. The lights flickered, the room smelt of something funny and I could swear there were multiple stains on the linen that I didn’t dare to identify but despite all this, I slept like a baby