After our gruelling experience with the Kolkata-Siliguri highway, our journey towards Guwahati was a welcome change. Smooth roads and lush greenery embraced us in its welcome as we drove towards Assam. Tea gardens surrounded us on either side and we were able to get front row seats to witness tea picking. We droveinto the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary with the windows rolled down so we could soak in everything it had to offer.

Over the course ofthe last five days, we’ve passed way too many bridges that ran over dried up rivers. After about the third dry river, I grew upset. We all talk about climate change but talking about it and experiencing it are two very different things. Adding insult to injury were the numerous trucks parked on the dried river beds where the sand mafia shamelessly looted what was left of a once flowing river. Sometime during the afternoon, the heavens opened up and it began to pour. This time when we crossed a bridge, a thin stream made me scream with joy. I have never been happier to see water!