Our next stop was Shigatse, the second largest city in Tibet. As we drove on, the landscape suddenly switched from green forest slopes to a barren desert like terrain.

For a majority of the trip, we drove alongside this magnificent lake. A spectrum of the brightest blues merged together to create a sight one would expect to see on an artist’s canvas. Aquamarine, turquoise, teal and navy hues swirled in stark contrast to the bare brown mountain’s in the distance.

At one point we were able to park our car right at the edge of the lake for a quick photo session. The soft sandy bank sunk just a little under our weight and soft waves lapped at our feet just missing our toes by a couple of inches. It was a saltwater lake! 
We passed a Tibetan mastiff dog show. 5 yuans for a picture with the beautiful beast. I really miss my dog. He would’ve loved it here.

We reached Shigatse and did some quick wheel balancing before heading off to the hotel. Our dinner, much to my satisfaction, consisted of daal and rice. We were on an Indian food streak but I wasn’t complaining!

We shared our food with the group seated next to us at the restaurant- a bunch of people on their way to summit Mt. Everest. Yes. All the way to the top. It was interesting to hear about the kind of preparation that goes in it. I was in awe but not enough to be inspired to do it myself. I am petrified of heights. Scaling the highest peak on earth is hardly on my bucket list.