Writing this, I’ve realised that my concept of time and date is completely messed up. Sleeping all day and driving all night with the sun never setting has done some major damage to my internal body clock.

Even though we reached the hostel in the wee hours of the morning, for the purpose of saving my sanity, I shall consider it to have been the previous night.

We slept like babies till the late afternoon rolled around. The plan was to head to Nordkapp and see the midnight sun after exploring the local area for a bit.

Honningsvaag is a sleepy little town whose main attraction is a bar made completely of ice. At least, that was the only thing open part from the local grocery store and a local fast food joint. This was at about four in the evening. Still pretty knackered, we used this to justify another nap before we made our way towards Nordkapp- the top of the world.

Now I must mention, that the sun hadn’t revealed itself in over 24 hours and chances were, that it wouldn’t make an appearance anytime soon. We made the journey anyway, took pictures in the freezing cold and managed to shuffle into our cars just before it started to rain. You’d think making it all the way to the top of the world would have been an incredible experience, but the truth is that it was bitter cold with winds fast enough to knock you off of your feet. All that was there was an over priced museum of god knows what and a foggy vie of the endless sea beyond. It’s safe to say we didn’t spend much time there either. It was a sign, I suppose, telling us to return to our hostel rooms and get some much required R&R. We deserve points for trying and our optimism deserves a round of applause.

*takes a bow*

Our hostel in Honningsvaag was a refurbished 1950’s building overlooking the sea. While most of it had been renovated, the second floor dining hall retained some of that vintage charm with its chandeliers and carved fireplaces.

After a hearty breakfast, we bumped into Fredrick from Sweden and his dog, Pixie. He’d been cross country skiing with the dog for four months, relying on his skis for the most part and walking the rest of the way with his sled in tow. While he agreed that it is indeed a strenuous task, he also quipped that after a while the body gets used to it.

“We were born to move, you know?”

Yes, yes we were.