Day nine marked our last day in India. It was bitter sweet. On one hand, there was the excitement of a new country and on the other, there was the fact that I was leaving the comforts of home.

We drove towards the border town of Moreh from Imphal and stopped at the beautiful Loktak lake. The massive lake was once a large floating village. Locals built their homes on bamboo stilts in the middle of the lake, which gave the impression that they were floating. Now, they’ve built more permanent structures on the land b
ordering Loktak lake which runs 15 feet deep. The expansive lake’s calm water paired with the surrounding greenery- total serenity.

After a quick breakfast by the water, we went on towards Moreh. The drive took is into rural Manipur and right there amongst thatched huts and logs of wood was a gem. Little star public school is an English medium primary school. We went in, interacted with the kids and teachers and I must say, I was so impressed. The colorful place radiated with the positive vibes one would associate with a place of learning. We departed to the tune of ba ba black sheep and nine of us could keep the smile off our faces.

After a simple meal at Moreh we called it a day and retired to our rooms, anticipating the experiences Myanmar will toss our way